Live anywhere and learn sports management and sports engineering from India.

Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) is the pioneers in the field of sports management and sports engineering research and innovation in India. SMRI offers world-class sports management and sports engineering courses at the most affordable fees. The curriculum followed is updated frequently keeping in mind the fast-changing pace of the sports industry. Additionally, SMRI provides hands-on experience for its students and encourages them to achieve their full potential. Moreover, the instruction methodology of SMRI is unique in many ways.

Why SMRI is the best institute for international students to learn sports management, sports engineering & sports psychology?

  1. Best sports education institute in the country, with courses accredited by the Department of Labour & Skills.
  2. India is home to the world’s second-largest higher education system.
  3. Compared to many of the world’s finest institutes, the fees at SMRI is a bargain for international students.
  4. SMRI is located in India’s best sports facility, the Greenfield Stadium (The Sports Hub) a multipurpose stadium that stands out with its modern infrastructure.
  5. Kerala has the highest literacy in the country, with the majority being English speaking community.
  6. Kerala is a cosmopolitan state.
  7. For anyone with the goal to see the world, India is a great place to start with as its diversity is beyond words.
  8. Being in the tropic region, Kerala has a good climate throughout the year.

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