Let’s Support Barca, Real Madrid & Juventus

Let’s Support Barca, Real Madrid & Juventus

In 1880, when the dispute began between the Football Association (FA) and Bolton Wanderers, English football club over the introduction of PROFESSIONALISM in football, it was a rebellious idea. But the Football Association (FA) accepted professionalism in English football on 20 July 1885.

On 22 March 1888, William McGregor, director of Aston Villa wrote a letter to other directors of his club and some other clubs regarding the creation of league competition, it was a rebellious idea. But English Football League was founded on April 17, 1888.

When Jules Rimet proposed Football World Cup in 1928, it was a rebellious idea. In 1928, the FIFA Congress in Amsterdam decided to conduct World Cup.

When Gabriel Hanot, editor of L’Équipe, began proposing the creation of a European continent-wide tournament in 1948, it was a rebellious idea. Hanot finally managed to convince UEFA in 1955 and it was the beginning of the UEFA Champions League.

In 1990, the managing director of London Weekend Television (LWT), Greg Dyke, met with the representatives of the “big five” football clubs in England (Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Everton and Arsenal) with the idea of a new league, it was a rebellious idea. In 1992, the First Division clubs resigned en masse from the Football League (EFL) and formed the English Premier League.

Football became the most popular and richest sports in the world due to these rebellious ideas. Football’s growth in the 21st century will also be decided by these kinds of rebellious ideas. Players, fans and clubs are the bosses of football. Clubs are the big boss. “Without fans, football is nothing” is a very famous quote. But today, we want to rephrase it as “Without Professional clubs, football is nothing”. Today, many football lovers are living with football due to professional football. Today, football players live in stardom and earn millions and billions annually due to rich clubs. Today, football fans across the globe watch world-class football matches due to professional football clubs.

Football clubs as independent business houses, they have the right to join together for the betterment of football game and football business. Clubs need money for giving salary to their players and staff, for making and maintaining beautiful stadiums and for buying top players. Football federations and associations can’t do this. Football associations whether it is FIFA or UEFA must act as a facilitator, not as a ruler. UEFA’s plan to take disciplinary action against the backers of the proposed Super League is against the spirit of sports. Super League will give 365 days of super football to football fans without risking the prospects of low profile clubs. Today, FIFA and UEFA are rich due to the rich football club that made football rich. So, UEFA, please don’t kill football with your brainless actions.

In European football, there are only 3 clubs with backbones- Real Madrid, F C Barcelona and Juventus. As a true football lover, I will support them!!

Author: Sijin Bt, Sports Management Guru & Founder of Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI)

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