Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI)‘s recent study “Why Indian Footballers Fail to Play 90 minutes?” revealed that the deficiency of adequate grass turfs is one of the biggest reasons for the difficulty of Indian players to play 90 minutes football in international standards. When all major tournaments are happening on grass turfs, our players practice on hard land and fail to judge the ball movement and human movement on grass turf. 

Authorities raise the cost of managing grass turf as the biggest challenge to make more green turfs. We believe that one of the most useful ways to solve this issue is to develop a hybrid grass variety with features such as less water consumption, less damage due to climate, water and play and should have limited growth. 

If we can develop such a hybrid sporting grass variety, it will change the destiny of Indian sports especially football forever. We are in discussion with different agricultural universities of India to develop an innovative hybrid sporting grass variety with the above-mentioned features. 

Agriculture plays a big part in the development of modern sports.  SMRI is also going to establish DEPARTMENT OF SPORTS AGRICULTURE to redefine the relationship between agriculture and sports. SMRI will also offer diploma and certificate programmes in Sports Agriculture from 2020.

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