Football is world’s most popular game. But it is really interesting (shocking) to realize that majority of women never touch a football ball in their lifetime. A recent survey conducted by the Sports Management students of Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) among 2000 working mothers in Thiruvananthapuram and Ernakulam urban regions found that only 14% touched/kicked a real football ball in their lifetime. But it is really interesting to realize that 69% of mothers played some games similar to football, without a real football ball. They played it during their school days. A 33% of mothers are ready to play football if they get a good chance to play.

Healthy mothers are the backbone of healthy generations. Health is well connected with physical and emotional well-being and sports play a big role in imparting physical and emotional strength. But unfortunately in our society, sports is not accessible to majority of women. It makes her weak, so weaken our next generation. To find out solution for this alarming issue, SPORTS & MANAGEMENT RESEARCH INSTITUTE (SMRI) India’s topmost sports management and sports engineering institute and TRAVANCORE ROYALS, India’s first fans-owned football club work together and create MOTHERS FOR FOOTBALL. MOTHERS FOR FOOTBALL is a novel sports initiative to give maximum opportunity for women to engage in sports through football.

The major elements of MOTHERS FOR FOOTBALL are

  • BASIC FOOTBALL EXPERIENCE opportunity for women at their workplaces, local communities and schools. It includes 20 minutes or 30 minutes friendly 5s or 7s matches or penalty shootouts will be conducted in offices, clubs, churches and other local communities)
  • BASIC FOOTBALL SKILLS TRAINING for women at their workplaces, local communities and schools. Women can practice these skills at their homes.
  • FREESTYLE FOOTBALL TRAINING for school girls and women community. Freestyle football can be used as a suitable option for Exercise, Entertainment and Empowerment for women.

We are planning to pilot the project MOTEHRS FOR FOOTBALL on MOTHERS’ DAY May 12, 2019 in Thiruvananthapuram. Based on the learnings from the pilot project, the main project will start in July 2019.

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