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Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) is the catalyst behind the formation of KERALA EVERGREEN FC. Liwing Sports & Business Services Pvt Ltd, the company owned by the directors of SMRI is the facilitator of this new Kerala based club. Now the club is fully owned by Liwing Sports & Business Services Pvt Ltd and discussions are in progress with Singapore based MySports Management Pte Ltd to be the co-owner of KERALA EVERGREEN FC. The club was announced last week by Jiri Cerny, the CEO of MySports Management Pte Ltd, in the presence of  Jibu Gibson & Sijin Bt, Directors of Liwing Sports.

Once the legal formalities and RBI formalities required for the FDI are over, Liwing Sports will give majority of its shares to MySports Management Pte Ltd to facilitate the making of an international standard football club in India. Liwing Sports is also in discussions with several Indian and foreign investors for the development of football and other games in India through different sportsup initiatives such as Kerala Evergreen FC of Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI).

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