SMRI to start Kerala’s first Survival Skill training centre

SMRI to start Kerala’s first Survival Skill training centre

In 2018, the world witnessed two important rescue operations in its history. The Thailand Cave Rescue operation and the Kerala Flood rescue operations. These emergencies signify the need of survival skill and rescue management training for all. Even though, cognitive skills, communication skills, management skills and survival skills are the most essential skills required for a better living, our basic education system does not teach management skills and survival skills. The following story narrates the significance of survival skills in human life.

“A scholar who was crossing a river in a boat started a conversation with the boatman. He named different books and asked the boatman whether he had read any of them. When he said no the scholar remarked you have wasted half your life if you have not. As their conversation was going on a crack formed in the boat and water rushed in. On seeing this boatman asked the scholar if he can swim. The scholar replied that he had never learned to swim. The boatman who was preparing to swim commented that then your whole life is wasted as the boat is about to sink”


It is extremely important to practice survival skills and be prepared for anything. Survival training is the best insurance policy that we could ever have.

World witnessed one of the greatest rescue operations ever during the rescue of 12 young footballers and their coach in Thailand, which would not have been possible without superhuman help from expert cave divers, core divers and navy divers. The 12 boys were kept alive by rationed food and by meditation taught by their coach. This is a classic example of survival skill training where meditation and survival food habits were used as a method to keep the victims relaxed and to prepare for the rescue operation that followed. This incident is a testimony to the importance of survival skills training.

Over the years India has lost a lot of lives to floods, rains, terrorist attacks and fast spreading epidemic diseases. Many have lost their lives in road accidents because as onlookers we were unaware of the required rescue skills and first aid to be provided. This wouldn’t have been the scenario if everybody was trained. Moreover, the recent Kerala flood disaster signifies the importance of survival skill and rescue management training.

So, the Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) works to start Institute of Survival Skills & Rescue Management (ISRM) with the support of the Sports Hub, Trivandrum and other organizations, and humanitarians. By this we would also like to take the privilege to commemorate the unknown heroes, who lost their lives while rescuing their fellow beings.


Our vision is to be established as an internationally recognized survival skills and rescue management research, training and certification centre.


ISRM aims at:

  • Survival skills training for every individual
  • Creating highly trained instructors capable to deliver world class survival skill and rescue management training
  • Building a strong network of well-trained Certified Community Rescue Volunteers capable of managing different emergencies
  • Providing 365 days of individual and family adventure sports facility to strengthen them physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • Team building and confidence building sessions for different groups like corporate houses, government departments, community leaders and sports teams.

The Institute of Survival Skills & Rescue Management (ISRM) will be based at the Sports Hub, Thiruvananthapuram, one of country’s best sports facilities. We will also operate in other cities across India through satellite centres. Institute will offer bespoke survival skill training programmes. Training will be delivered by a handpicked team of highly trained experts with the approval of State and National Disaster Management Authority. The institute will deliver training programmes under the guidance of departments like Police, Fire Force, and Health etc.

We are looking for business houses, organizations and individuals who could associate with us on this mission.

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