Our society, literature, Cinema and advertisements have a big role in instilling inferiority complex and insecurity in the minds of our women. This inferiority complex and insecurity play a big role in the failure of many women empowerment projects. The perceptions created by society, literature, Cinema and advertisements in certain aspects such as body tone, hair colour, body size, height, body hair and pronunciation consciously and unconsciously create inferiority complex and insecurity in women. It becomes a big barrier to the development of women, especially in life and career. It is need of the hour to burst such myths for the actual empowerment of women.

Our society glorifies touring in a premium motorcycle as the symbol of muscularity and woman empowerment. It’s the time to burst such false beliefs and glorifications. Everyone can’t buy or ride a premium motorcycle for being empowered. A woman does not need to be a man to be empowered. You can conquer the world with your small scooter. You can make friends. You can go to places. You can have fun. You can enhance your confidence and self-esteem by riding your scooter with your friends.

MOMS (Mothers Movement for Sports), the women sports mission of Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) is initiating RIDING ANGELS, an innovative way to empower today’s women without being men. The concept is simple, ”Go to places in your scooter, Make friends, Play with them and plan for the next trip”. Every month, there will be a scooter ride to a picnic site. It includes different rides like Beach Ride, Park Ride, Jungle Ride and Hill Ride. The inaugural RIDING ANGEL ride is BEACH RIDE to Kuzhupilly Beach.

Please click here for participating in BEACH RIDE… http://www.smri.in/event/beachride/