Spring football is a fast paced action sport developed by Sports and Management Research Institute (SMRI). The main attraction of Spring Football is the game is not played in normal surface, it is played in a bouncing surface such as trampolines or spring mattress.

The rules for spring football are simple and help make it a fast-paced sport. Each match is played inside a “caged” bouncing court between teams of two players – consisting of one forward and one defender. The roles are fixed before the match and have to be reversed for each set, the forward becomes the defender and vice versa.

The forward is allowed to move around the entire court, while the defender is not allowed to cross into the opposition half. The walled court measures 9.80m x 4.80 m – so is slightly smaller than a squash court. Matches are based on a best of three sets format, with each set being won by the team to first score seven goals.

Spring football can also be used as a great fan engagement tool at events and big football matches. Having a spring football court at a fan zone attracts people around it to have a look – so it works perfectly for sponsors who want to create interest at events.


  • The court: An enclosed, rectangle space with at least one transparent wall to allow fans and referees to see the action

Court measurements

  • Length: 9.80m (minimum 9.50m)
  • Width: 4.80 m (min 4.50m)
  • Height: 2.70 m (min 2.50m)
  • Goal size: 110 x 110 cm
  • The ball: Hand-made felt, weighs 200g

Mattress measurements

  • Length: 1.82m
  • Breadth: 1.82m
  • Thickness: 6 inches


Aravind Shankar (CSE), Arvind Raj (CSE), Alan Jose (PGDSM)

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