GOOLF is a hybrid game designed and developed by SMRI (Sports & Management Research Institute).  Goolf is played with the putter of Golf. The game rule of Goolf is inspired by Goti (Indian marbles game), Croquet (English game) and Pitch & Putt (Irish game). The objective of this game is to promote GOLF in schools and communities to attract more people to the wonderful game of Golf. The cause of GOOLF is inspired by the stories of Harry Vardon, Francis Ouimet and Senappa Chikkarangappa, who made great triumphs in Golf from poor financial backgrounds. It shows that a person with dream, determination and drive can excel in Golf. We aim to promote GOOLF in schools to give every student to play with Golf Putter and to know Golf. The selected good players will be trained in Golf with the support of Golf Clubs across India.

The two ‘O’s of GOOLF represents the two golf balls used by Alan Shepard to play Golf on the Lunar surface on February 6, 1971.

GOOLF Objectives:

  • Promoting GOLF in schools and communities to attract more people to the wonderful game Golf
  • Promoting professionalism among people especially among school students through Goolf, based on Golf etiquette
  • Providing support to the aspiring Golf players, who need financial and professional support

GOOLF Game Rules:

The Goolf terrain will have 3 holes. The distance between 2 holes will be a minimum of 6 meters. The objective of the game is to put the ball in all 3 holes three times. Before putting the ball in the Climax hole (last hole), one player has to slap (hit) the balls of all other players with his/her ball. The first player who completes this condition wins. The etiquette of Golf must be followed. The putter is the club.

We are in discussion with various Golf clubs across India to explore the opportunities to make ‘Golf for All’ happen.


Rakesh Kumar, Shibin Shekhar, Amerzlin Louis, Milu Joseph, Sherin Varughese, Akhil