Which is the profit-making stadium in India? I don’t know. Do you know one? If you know one, let me know!! Most of the stadiums in India are bleeding, whether it is owned by the government, sports associations or private. Reasons are many for this. But, we would like to suggest one idea for making most of our stadiums profitable by ensuring 365-day footfalls to these giant white elephants. The idea is Dynamic Sports Museums.

In 2016, Sports Management and Sports Engineering students of Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) studied the options to make Greenfield International Stadium of Thiruvananthapuram profitable. One of the top ideas is the Dynamic Sports Museum.

These museums are different from the traditional Indian museum concept and will be capable to attract foreigners even from the cities which have world-class sports museums.

On International Museum Day (18-5-2021), we would like to share this idea with the sports fraternity for discussion and action. Please go through the presentation and join us in action!!

Download Presentation: Sports Museum Concept Note

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