Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) is introducing new 2 skill development courses to cater to the demands of the domestic and international sports industry. The details of the courses are given below:


Years back Diego Maradona made a revelation “Messi a leader? You can’t call someone a leader who goes to the bathroom 20 times before every game. It’s useless to make a leader of a guy like that.” What is wrong with going to the bathroom 20 times? It’s common due to anxiety and stage fright. But, what you do to manage it is important.

Recently Virat Kohli revealed that he suffered depression and what he did to overcome it. It shows the significance of Sports Psychologists in the sports domain. Not only athletes, but the coaches, referees and even the team managers need the support of sports psychologist to keep them cool during hot games without seizing the fire in their belly. Unluckily, we have very less qualified Sports Psychologists to cater to our needs.

SMRI introduces one of the most advanced sports psychology courses, P G DIPLOMA IN SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY to cater to the world’s need for highly qualified SPORTS PSYCHOLOGISTS.

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Globally, Sports Facility Business is one of the most thrilling businesses. Many jump into the sports facility business, just with a real passion for sports. Unfortunately, not all sports facilities are successful. Passion is no substitute for the keen sports facility management skills in the game of sports facility business. Moreover, the majority of the sports facilities in India in public and private ownership bleed due to the shortage of trained sports facility management professionals.

Good News. SMRI is launching CERTIFIED SPORTS FACILITY MANAGER (CSFM) programme to foster competent sports facility managers to cater to the demand of the global sports facility business.

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