Sijin B T

Chief Sports Architect

Sijin Bt is a corporate trainer, management consultant and social worker. He started his career as a salesman and moved to training profession in progression.

Jibu Gibson

Chief Sports Revolutionary

Sports Management | Sports Education |Sports Consultancy | Sports Engineering | Sports Startup | Franchise Development

GK Tirunavukarasu


Media Specialist and the master brain behind the sports based Tamil movie "Onbathu Kuzhi Sambath". Expert in heritage games and human resource management

Renjith Unnikrishnan


Sports Engineering expert and man behind the many sports engineering innovations of Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI)

Laxmi Pandrala

Sports& Exercise Nutritionist

Founder@Diet Unlimited, Sports& Exercise Nutritionist,CEO SANO Nutrition Clinic, Nutritionist@DNAfit, VisitappConsultant


Operations Support