What’s After Engineering

What’s After Engineering

What’s after Engineering? This simple question disturbs most of the Engineering students and their parents in India. In a country where millions of engineers comes out of engineering colleges and joins in the army of unemployed, this question is very important and figures to a big problem. Moreover, it has to be answered before it becomes a crisis or disaster. Some reports that only 7 per cent engineering graduates in India are employable. According to the All India Council for Technical Education, every year, out of the eight lakh engineers graduating from technical institutions more than 60% stay unemployed.

IT is over…

We have created millions of engineering seats without properly analyzing the real or anticipated demand for Indian engineers in India and abroad. We thought that computer (IT) would create millions of jobs every year and would end unemployment. In the initial stages of IT revolution it was true. It created millions of new jobs. But now IT itself eliminates millions of jobs every year by replacing human workforce with technologies.

Our IT industry has grown on the basis of the demand of USA and some European countries. The emergence of leaders like Donald Trump, spoils India’s IT dreams. All the star IT recruiters reduced their workforce intake.

Startups Enddowns

Another paradise of our engineers was startups. The government and other agencies spends billions for promoting startups in IT sector. But, it is reported that more than 90 percent of Indian startups are failure. Our government and venture capitalists were not kind enough to consider segments other than IT for startup.

There is no meaning in worrying and blaming somebody for this painful situation. While majority of our engineers lives unemployed or underemployed, we need to find out ways to overcome this situation.

One of the most significant drawbacks of Indian administrators and academies is that they are not trying to understand the ground reality. If somebody in abroad says, now it’s the time for IT, they go for IT and if they say lift engineering, they go for lift. They really don’t know where to go and what to do. Let’s forget them and forgive them for their limits. We can think about the steps to help our engineers.

Sports Engineering

sports engineering

Sports engineering is a comparatively a new specialization in engineering and considered as sustainable one. Sports engineering is dealing with the design, construction and maintenance of sports infrastructure and equipment. It became an independent subject in 1988. Unfortunately it reached India just in 2015. Sports and Management Research Institute (SMRI) is promoting sports engineering research and training in India through various activities like courses, certification training programmes, seminars, and product design competitions etc.

Sports engineering sector is growing rapidly along without lifestyle advancements. For example, our modern lifestyle demands more exercise and entertainment choices especially linked to our social status. Earlier we used to play badminton in open places with our normal clothes and low-cost rackets. But today our lifestyle influences us to play badminton indoor, in wooden floors with rackets costs more than 2500 INR. No need to mention our costly branded sports attire.

Advancements in sports engineering gives us many options to satisfy our ego. It improves performances in every sports. It creates new sports gears and stylish infrastructure. From helmets to shoes everything in sports is changing regularly. Sports engineers are working behind it.

Earlier sports was a cheaper option for exercise, entertainment and engagement. We played cricket with a piece of wood and rubber ball. Now for cricket we need minimum Kashmiri willow bats, full safety gears and leather ball. Sports engineering makes sports expensive, but it is the opportunity for sports engineers.

The demand for sports will not decline due to several factors like our need of exercise and entertainment. The developed economies like USA, European countries and Australia know the value of sports as an employment and exchequer filler. The developing countries like India, where sports is not developed like USA, it is going to be the next big industry. Obviously sports engineers will play a great role in designing, developing and maintaining various sports properties to meet the demand of the society.

Sports Engineering in India

As mentioned earlier, sports engineering reached India in 2015. SMRI designed sports engineering course for the engineering graduates. Instead of creating new 4 year engineering course, we developed a 6 months value added programme for engineers. The logic was simple, we need to help the present engineering students, rather than creating more and more engineering students. An engineer with passion for sports can excel as a sports engineer. We teach them how technology blends with sports.

In 2017 October BITS, Pilani is conducting an International Sports Engineering Conference. Good our top technical institutions started to open their eyes. It’s the good time to be a sports engineer. Pioneers will always get the best dividends.

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