Vector-X and SMRI to make India Sports Superpower

Vector-X and SMRI to make India Sports Superpower

India’s leading sports goods brand VECTOR-X and Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI), India’s first sports management and sports engineering research institute will work together to Make India Sports Superpower. This strategic partnership aims to achieve the following missions to Make India Sports Superpower. 

  1. To lead the Indian sports goods manufacturing industry to be the best in the world by 2022 in terms of technology, innovation and exports
  2. To deliver the best sports experience to everyone especially in football, volleyball and basketball in terms of superior sports gears at a great price value
  3. To support the overall professional development of Indian sports ecosystem in terms of creating sports management and sports engineering professionals, creating new sports jobs and encouraging the development of more sporting properties in India. 

This partnership will initiate different innovative projects to support the vision of their partnership. The details of the future course of action will be announced officially soon. 

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