Trivandrum Goti Tournament

Trivandrum Goti Tournament

GOTI was the game of the rustic. But Synergians, a group of professionals has celebrated the entry of Goti into the urban life by conducting Cochin Open Professional Goti Tournament, 2013 to professionalize Indian Sports Industry. The second edition of Professional Goti Tour happened at Palakkad, the Palakkad Heritage Goti Tournament in August 20, 2014. Now its the time of Indian Goti League, the first ever People’s Sports League. IGL will start in August 2016. The Trivandrum Goti Tournament 2016 is herading the beginning of IGL. Goti will reach the royal avenues of Lord Padmanabha on February 20, 2016.

It’s fun and feast. Just come and enjoy!!

For participation, please register:


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