Kerala along with Tamil Nadu has become the hub of non-communicable diseases (NCD) with the largest dominance of cardiovascular and lifestyle diseases when compared to other states. This has been revealed in the ‘’India state level disease burden’’ study.  The state is said to be at higher risk of heart diseases, stroke and diabetes and the combination of these risks is highest.

Sedative lifestyle is the major reason behind this issue. If we don’t address this issue now, it will become a crisis. As a small step to promote active lifestyle among Keralites to minimize the incidence of lifestyle diseases, we are planning to make THIRUVANANTHAPURAM ‘CITY WITH MAXIMUM SPORTS PARTICIPATION’ in the world.

We adopt the following steps to realize the goal of being City with Maximum Sports Participation in the world.

  1. Make Kazhakkoottam and Chandavila wards of Thiruvananthapuram Corporation 100% sports participation wards.

How: – ‘Weekend Community Run’, a 5 km mass run will be conducted on every last Saturday at 6.00 am at the Sports Hub (Greenfield Stadium) campus. 100% regular participation of the residents of Kazhakkoottam and Chandavila wards in this event should be ensured. As part of encouraging residents to follow active lifestyle free coaching of Yoga, Aerobics, Pilates and Zumba will be conducted during the Weekend Community Run.

On January 1, 2019, Kazhakkoottam and Chandavila wards have to be declared as 100% Sports Participation Wards under the following criteria (i) Minimum 75% of the total residents aged between 6 and 60 has to participate in minimum of 60% of the runs. (ii) Provide Fitness and Health awareness to all the residents of Kazhakkoottam and Chandavila wards.

2. Identify playgrounds in each ward for mass sports participation-

How: – Students of SMRI would identify various playgrounds of public and private ownership and map it properly for public use

3. Conduct door to door fitness awareness campaign to invite residents to participate in mass workouts

How: – Students of SMRI and LNCPE and other related institutions would do door to door fitness awareness campaign with the support of Corporation councillors/Health Inspectors

4. Conduct mass yoga/aerobics/zumba/ freakothon/Pilates or any other suitable workouts at the selected venues every Saturday to ensure Maximum Sports Participation in the city to ensure that minimum 75% of the total residents aged between 6 and 60 is participating in minimum of 60% of the activities.

How: – Corporation has to arrange instructors for each ward with the support of various organizations

  • On November 1, 2019 Thiruvananthapuram has to be declared as world’s first 100% SPORTS PARTICIPATION CITY

Partner Organizations

  1. Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI)
  2. Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education (LNCPE)
  3. The Sports Hub


By being the first 100% Sports Participation city of the world, Corporation of Thiruvananthapuram will set a new development model to the world. Apart from this, the increased sports participation will decrease the incidence of lifestyle diseases and will make management of lifestyle diseases easy. In addition it would bring about an exercise culture which would involve the whole family, which in turn would increase the emotional and physical strength of a family.

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