The Journey of Traditional Games in India

The Journey of Traditional Games in India

Thank you Prime Minister for highlighting the value of heritage sports (traditional games) and supporting it. We have started our journey to professionalize Indian heritage sports such as Goti, Gilli Danda (Kuttiyum Kolum), Lagori (7 tiles), Kilithattu, Langadi, Hopscotch and Neelan War in 2004. My idea was to conduct a professional Goti league to convince fellow Indians that sports are beyond cricket. We met many people for support. Most of them thrown us out. Some good people like Rajasenan Nair (Nehru Yuvakendra), Prema Sridevi (Journalist) and Binu Aravindan (Journalist) supported us in the initial days. The following pictures will show you our journey


  • 2004- The idea of Professionalization of Heritage Sports (Traditional Games) originated and the first study report prepared

  • sportsmalfinal sportsmalfinal2

  • 2004-2007: Working to conduct Professional Goti Tournament and failed

  • 2008- 2013: Informally started Synergians, a group to promote heritage sports and conducted a feasibility study

  • 2013 Feb: Synergians registered as an NGO

  • 2013 Jul: Meeting K Pradeep, (Journalist of The Hindu) and decided to conduct first-ever Professional Goti Tournament in Kochi

  • Goti news Hindu

  • 2013 Sep: First-ever Professional Goti Tournament

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  • 2013 Sep: Synergians associating with Anil Kumble’s TENVIC to teach heritage sports in CBSE schools from LKG to Std.2

  • Hindu_chennai_synergians_goti


  • 2013 Oct: Synergians promoting Hopscotch as an exercise to manage lifestyle diseases with the support of District Medical Office, Ernakulam & Renai Medicity Hospital

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  • 2014 Jan: Synergians conducted first-ever heritage sports-based management skills training programme for the employees of CUMI (Murugappa Group)

  • 2014 May: Synergains associating with Sports & Arts Club Gothuruth to conduct Golympics, Olympics of Heritage Sports at Gothuruth, Ernakulam

  • golympics

  • 2014 Aug: Professional Goti Tournament at Palakkad with the support of Cosmopolitan Club

  • pgt_goti

  • 2014 Sep: Synergians designed Table Goti and advanced Hopscotch mat and presented it in the YES (Young Entrepreneur Summit). Synergians’ efforts to get seed fund from KSIDC for the manufacturing of Table Goti, Hopscotch Mat and other heritage sports goods ended up in failure. 

  • table-goti-manorama

  • 2015 Jan: Synergians started Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI), the first sports management and sports engineering research institute in India to Make India Sports Superpower.

  • smri_sports engineering

    2015 Jan: Synergians conducted COCHIN CHILDHOOD OLYMPICS, the tournament of childhood games at Oberon Mall, Ernakulam

  • childhood games
  • 2015 onwards: Synergians associated with ESSAF to conduct Carfree Day as Heritage Sports partner

  • car-free-day-smri
  • 2015 May- 2nd GOLYMPICS

  • Golympics

  • 2016 Feb: Goti Tournament at Thiruvananthapuram with the support of Tamil movie ONBATHU KUZHI SAMPATH


  • 2016 May- 3rd GOLYMPICS

  • IMG_3685

  • 2016 Aug: SMRI conducted Hopscotch tournament at Oberon Mall, Ernakulam for women

  • her-Games-oberon14cd

  • 2016 Nov: SMRI conducted Heritage Games show for the employees of HDFC Bank in Kozhikode as part employee engagement activities

  • 2017 Jan- SMRI conducted Maharashtra Goti Tour at Aurangabad with the support of Kohm Sports

  • bollywood goti_04

  • 2017 Apr- SMRI conducted 15 days Heritage Sports-based summer camp GUNG HO for Apollo Tyres, Perambra

  • gung ho smri

  • 2017 May: SMRI fails to conduct 4th GOLYMPICS due to financial problems

  • 2017 Jun: Conducted heritage games based management skill training for the MBA students of FISAT

  • 2017 Jun- Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India speaks about the importance of promoting Heritage Sports, Sports Management and Sports Engineering


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