Story of DESI

Story of DESI

DESI 2016- SPORTS ENGINEERING DESIGN CONTEST was inspired from the Malayalam movie 1983. Rameshan, the protagonist of this movie is a great cricket fan and he makes a low-cost indigenous BOWLING MACHINE for his son Kannan, who dreams to be the next SACHIN TENDULKAR. Rameshan was not rich enough to buy a modern foreign bowling machine for his son. But his love to cricket, engineering acumen and determination to make his son next Sachin, helped him to make ‘DESI BOWLING MACHINE’.

Thousands of kids across India want to be the next SACHIN in their domain of game. Their parents want to help their kids to realize their dreams. But unfortunately, the MONEY plays the role of villain in their way to pursue their dreams. The high cost of available sporting machines and the unavailability of machines they really need makes it difficult for Indian sportspersons to stretch their maximum to unleash their full potential and maximum performance.

Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) is the first Sports Management and Sports Engineering Research Institute in India works to make India a sports superpower. We strongly believe that advanced low-cost sporting machines are a must to enhance the performance of Indian athletes. The NATIONAL SPORTS ENGINEERING PRODUCT DESIGN CONTEST (DESI 2016) aims to engage and inspire sports-loving students and public with engineering acumen to dream, design and develop low-cost desi Sporting Machines to make India Sports Superpower… 

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