Sportup- Sports Business Womb

Sportup- Sports Business Womb

The era of start-ups is over with the decline of IT revolution. Now it is the time of sports industry which is growing in India at a very rapid speed. You can take the advantage of booming sports industry by being a pioneer. Sports and Management Research Institute (SMRI), the first Sports Management and Sports Engineering research institute in India is gonna make you an offer you can’t resist. We offer you amazing Sport-up facility to start your innovative sports business.

What is Sport-up?

Sport-up is an innovative business womb developed by the sports business research team of SMRI to support innovative sports business ideas, which is normally not supported by any banks, venture capitalists and business incubators. Sport-up will support you from the day you conceive the idea till it achieve the crucial breakeven point.  You will get support of renowned sports management and sports engineering professionals in 5 basic ways- information, guidance, backups, intervention and transformation.

Why Sport-up Innovative Business Womb, not incubator?

Womb is the nature’s system to nurture a foetus to be a fully grown living organism. Sport-up is the ideal place for the product development, launch and business development of innovative sports business ideas in a very natural way. Sport-up normally supports the ideas which the banks, venture capitalists and business incubators fear to support. When Start-up Business Incubators works in the favourable business environment created by government and other agencies, Sport-ups help businesses to make the environment favourable for them in every sense.

If you want to get our support to start your sports business, please contact us @ 8891675259

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