What you don’t know about Sports Industry?

What you don’t know about Sports Industry?

While taking a session on Sports Management, an enthusiastic student asked “What is the biggest challenge for the development of sports industry in India?” Within nano seconds answer came from me. “In India everyone knows SPORTS. That is the biggest challenge for the development of sports industry.” “Why”, she questioned me. “In India, a person who doesn’t play even recreational cricket will advise Sachin Tendulkar to perfect his celebrated straight drive.”

Like politics, we don’t need any specific qualification to be a Sports professional, especially Sports Administrator. We just need passion, ambition and inclination to connect the various segments of sports together for a positive result. But many, who works in sports don’t have the inclination to accept the existence and significance of partner segments in sports. Once a coach questioned, “Why we need a specialized Sports Psychologist? I know how to handle the psychological issues of my players.” I told him, “Sir if you are Drona and Sports Psychologist, is Lord Krishna.”

Globally, sports is a complex domain with many segments of independent nature interrelated together. But in India, for Governments Sports means “just winning few Olympic medals”. So their full focus is on winning the Olympics gold medal at any cost without strengthening the basic sports ecosystem. For corporate sponsors in India, sports means “cricket, tennis, badminton and golf.” For most of the parents, it is just an easy way to get a government job or MBBS admission.

We cannot change these mindsets easily, because everyone knows sports in India. This study report prepared by the Research team of Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) never intends to change anybody’s mindset. It is an attempt to show the magnitude of Sports Industry and the opportunities it offers in terms of employment, entertainment and earnings.

The various segments related to the Sports industry are illustrated in the following picture

When our Research Team first presented this list (included in the study report THE UNKNOWN SPORTS INDUSTRY) to a sports expert for his feedback, he really shocked and then blasted, “How will you include all these nonsenses like virtual sports and toys under Sports Industry?” We politely explained to him the rational and moreover, the under-exploited opportunities in each segment. (Will Continue..)

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