Will this movement change sports for good in the fight against racism?

Since the death of George Floyd, an unarmed African-American man who was killed in police custody in May, many associations and athletes are showing their support behind the protest calling for change. The reason behind is that there are many instances where acts of racism in sports shocked the whole world. Bulgarian fans shouting racist chants at a Euro 2020 qualifier match in Bulgaria and Racist remarks on an England player by a New Zealand spectator at a cricket match in 2019 are some recent examples of it.

Racism on the basis of colour is common in certain sports such as football, association football, rugby, baseball, golf, basketball, motorsport and cricket at every level. But in recent times various high profile sportspersons have taken to the roads to join in protestors in different parts of the world to break this taboo.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the resumption of sports marked a trend where teams are adopting different ways to show their support against racism on the basis of colour through black lives matter protests. Sports stars such as LeBron James, Lewis Brinson, Naomi Osaka, Lewis Hamilton and many others made the statement after wearing the ‘Black Lives Matter’ jerseys.

The question is that when racism in sports will end? Sijin B T, Sports Management Guru and founder of Sports Management Research Institute (SMRI) believe that sports are for everyone. This inequality is resulting in a letdown of sports across the globe. His aim is to end the concept of racism for a better sporting world. SMRI is working in the direction of ‘Sports for all’, where there will no discrimination on the basis of colour or any other factor. That is why the sporting events organised by SMRI are truly open to all.

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