Name the Game

Name the Game

Sports Tourism is one of the important segments which is going to play a vital role in the rebuilding of post-corona India, especially states like Kerala. Students and experts of Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) suggest some interesting sports tourism projects our society can undertake to attract adventure-loving tourists from India and abroad. One of such projects is a combo sport like Triathlon.


Kayathlon, a combo sport which combines cycling, kayaking and running is popular in Europe. In India, we suggest canoeing using country canoes instead of kayaking. It will be a one-day event in one location and will conduct in another location after 7 days. We plan a minimum of 4 events during after or before the tourism season in India, to expand the existing tourism season.

The proposed venue for the first event is Alappuzha, the Venice of the East.


The Cycling, Kayaking and Running combo sport is called Kayathlon. What should be the name of Cycling, Canoeing and Running combo? Please help us to name this game and win attractive gifts. Please SMS/WhatsApp names to 8891675259 or mention in the message box of the following form

If you are interested to associate with SMRI in executing this project in various capacities, please fill the following for registering your name.


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