Mothers Movement for Sports (MOMS)

Mothers Movement for Sports (MOMS)

“Sport has the power to change lives. By teaching women and girls teamwork, self-reliance, resilience and confidence, sport is one of the great drivers of gender equality. Women in sport defy gender stereotypes and social norms, make inspiring role models, and show men and women as equals.”-

Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) is a great promoter of gender equality and believes in the power of sports in empowering human beings. SMRI promotes Mothers Movement for Sports (MOMS) with the objective of ensuring SPORTS FOR EVERY WOMAN.

Mothers Movement for Sports (MOMS) is a not for profit organization working to ensure maximum sporting opportunities for every woman. The mission of MOMS is to develop and maintain a supportive environment for woman and families to use sports as a tool for empowerment and entertainment.

Objectives of MOMS

  1. To create opportunity for every woman to participate in sports
  2. To advocate gender equality in sports
  3. To produce and/or disseminate educational materials and other information relevant to increasing opportunities or improving the experience of girls and women in sport and physical activity
  4. To work with international sports governing bodies and other organizations to promote the greatest possible participation of girls and women in sport and physical activity
  5. To use sports as a tool for preventing anti-social activities in society
  6. To create sports properties to ensure maximum opportunities for our children, especially girls to engage in sports for employment, entertainment and empowerment
  7. To do all other activities required to achieve the above-mentioned objectives

What MOMS is going to do?

MOMS will be working under the following verticals to achieve its objectives.

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