Football Club for Malappuram

Football Club for Malappuram

Malappuram is the heart land of football. Football fans of Malappuram are famous for their devotion to football. But unfortunately there is no professional football club from Malappuram for football fans of Malappuram to celebrate.

We are planning to start a Malappuram based fans owned football club under the guidance of Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI), India’s best sports management and sports engineering research and training institute. The club will be in the format of world’s top fans owned football clubs like Real Madrid, F C Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

We invite the confident and committed football fans of Malappuram to be the part of this venture. If you have the confidence form and lead a football club, please register your name in the below form. Our Sports Managers will contact you soon to discuss in detail.


I want to be a part of Malappuram Fans Owned Football Club

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