Kerala Blasters- Be with Kerala

Kerala Blasters- Be with Kerala

It is painful to know that the discussions are going on in the Kerala Blasters circles about leaving Kerala due to various difficulties they face in Kerala to smoothly conduct their ISL home matches. The difficulties include a large number of free entry passes, delay in getting permissions and licenses, and lack of proper support from authorities. These hardships are really big obstacles in Kerala’s journey to becoming a real sporting state.

Whether we like it or not, we accept the great role Indian Super League (ISL) and Kerala Blasters played in reviving Indian football, especially Kerala football. After the legendary trio V P Sathyan, I M Vijayan and Jo Paul Anjeri, we got some footballers of our own due to Kerala Blasters. Now, our parents happily allow their kids to play football. Parents find time to accompany their kids to football academies. Hundreds of football academies started across Kerala due to the new football craze. All happened just because of Kerala Blasters and Manjappada. Compared to other regions, ISL is a great hit in Kerala due to the Manjappada, the Kerala blasters fans group.

To take the development of professional sports in Kerala to new heights, KBFC must be in Kerala. ISL and Kerala Blasters got quick global attention due to the Manjappada. So, it is very clear that for the best interest of Kerala sports and the best interest of ISL and KBFC, Kerala Blasters must be in Kerala.

We (Sports & Management Research Institute) suggest authorities take the following steps to ensure the smooth functioning of Kerala Blasters and for the development of sports business in Kerala.

  1. Consider Sports as an industry which generates employment and revenue
  2. Give tax exemptions to sports business in the initial years
  3. Limit and discourage the free entry pass culture
  4. Ensure easy and fast permissions and licenses
  5. The government must study, understand and appreciate the benefits an ISL match brings to the state economy

We all support KBFC and request them to be in Kerala. As the pioneers of professional sports culture in Kerala, we need KBFC leadership for the progress of our sports industry.

Authorities, please don’t kill the goose laying golden eggs.

The Impact of one Kerala Blasters match in Ernakulam Kochi

A study by Sports Management students of Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI)

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