Heritage Games in Onam Celebrations

Heritage Games in Onam Celebrations

Everything has a beginning. Sometimes a beginning beyond our imagination. This rule is applicable to sports also. Sport historians used their imagination to describe the origin of some sport events. But, in the case of certain other sport events history is clearly recorded. So, we are clear about the process and pain behind the origin and growth of various sports. Some sport events such as football and cricket took more than 5 centuries to grow from its primitive origin to present form. Their growth and transformation were accelerated with the conscious and unconscious intervention of certain individuals and organizations. But, some sport events such as basketball and volleyball developed by some individuals in the 19th century, but got international audience within limited time.

Our ancestors also made some notable contributions to the world of sports. India contributed much for the origin and growth of various sport events such as hockey, badminton, polo, chess, wrestling, ball badminton and kho-kho. We also made some major achievements.

But, now the condition of Indian sport is very pathetic. In the age of modern management and marketing techniques, our sport establishments desperately failed even to attract people to watch various sport events. So, we need a professional approach for the upliftment of sports in India.

Like the British soldiers promoted British games such as cricket, golf and football across their past colonies and YMCA promoted Basketball and Volleyball across the globe, we can promote Indian heritage games across the globe through our Non-Resident Indians (NRIs). If our NRI communities can include Indian heritage games in their different celebrations, it will give the foreigners an opportunity to enjoy, learn and play our heritage games. It will surely take Indian heritage games to more places and people.

Your support is vital to promote our heritage games across the globe. If you can include our heritage games such as Goti, Kuttiyum kolum (Gilli ganda), Seven tiles (Legori), Lengadi, Akkukali (Hopscotch), Nadan Panthukali etc in your upcoming Onam Celebrations, it will be a great boost for our efforts. Please conduct heritage games contests during this onam and share the pictures of your celebrations by posting the photographs in the message box of our facebook page.

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  • Generic games of every country has to get good promotion. This is a good move

    Michael mef Reply
  • I like to promote Australian heritage games. Can you help me?

    Bret E Hulsey Reply
    • Sure Bret. Please share your contact details at smri.campus@gmail.com. Our representative will contact you!!

      admin Reply
  • Is anything like this in South Africa

    Alfred je Rama Reply
    • Hi Alfred, we don’t have any idea. We will get back to you after discussing with our researchers

      admin Reply
  • Its really fun!!

    Benny Algon Reply
  • I want to be part of such movement

    Charles Rhymn Reply
    • Always welcome!!

      admin Reply
  • Amazing plan

    Kenneth Mehta Reply
  • Good idea to promote the native games. All the best

    AnnaLid Reply

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