Guts to own a football club

Guts to own a football club

Do you have the guts to own Real Madrid?

Real Madrid is the world’s wealthiest fans-owned football club. Big clubs like FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund are owned by its fans. India doesn’t have enough professional football clubs even if football is a major sports in India. We all dream of the day when India wins FIFA football world cup and the dream will be realized only if we strengthen our football ecosystem with hundreds of professional football clubs.

Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI), India’s premier sports management and sports engineering institute is taking the first step forward towards the dream by starting fans-owned football clubs across India.  SMRI is promoting the concept of fans-owned football clubs with objective of making India real football superpower with hundreds of professional football clubs.

SMRI has already launched the country’s first 2 fans owned football clubs in July 2018. One in Thiruvananthapuram and second in Malappuram, Kerala. In the initial days, these clubs will be managed with the support of sports management students of SMRI under the SportUP scheme. SportUp is an innovative project of SMRI to support sports startups.

SMRI plans to start a minimum of one fans-owned football club in every Indian district. These clubs will also promote all other major team sports.

SMRI invites enthusiastic and confident sports lovers to be a leader in forming fans-owned football club in your own district. If you believe football is a business and it can generate employment and revenue for the nation, you are fit for the mission. If you are ready, SMRI will give you every support to make your club the next Real Madrid. We are also supporting the existing football clubs, which dream to be a big professional club.

Are you ready? Please call Mr Jibu Gibson, our director @ +91 6361413306 for a detailed discussion.

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