The time has come for Indian Football to welcome the fan-ownership revolution.

Football is one of the most liked sports across the world. Millions of people are engaged with the universal game. But the future of football in India is at stake due to private ownership of the clubs. Because of this, football in India has become a business without passion. Big clubs like Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund are all owned by fans. A country like India has the potential to touch great heights in football with the introduction of fans owned clubs at a larger scale.

Privatization of football clubs in India is declining the quality of the game. Professional private clubs like FC Cochin, Viva Kerala, Bharath FC and Pune FC stopped their game which clearly indicates how badly the sport is impacted in the country. Thousands of youngsters are grooming themselves towards unemployment. Currently, India is ranked 108 in the FIFA world rankings which show that the country is having the quantity but is lacking quality.

A sport is nothing without the valuable contribution of its fans. Sijin B T, Sports Management Guru and founder of Sports Management Research Institute (SMRI) believe that football is driven by passion and esteem with business. He is continuously working to establish fans owned clubs where talent will meet opportunity.

What the clubs actually need is great financial stability, great opposition teams, great fans, sponsor interest and great opportunities irrespective of the profit earned business. All that can be achieved by investment, endorsement, prize money, gate collection, quality players in the team, more matches and tournaments, and professional management. Fans owned clubs will definitely going to benefit Indian football and the players as well.

By PRAVEL JAIN, Sports Writer

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