Battle of the Queens

Battle of the Queens

Do you like to watch a thrilling face-off between SAINA NEHWAL and P V SINDHU like MUHAMMED ALI VS GEORGE FOREMAN or PACQUIAO VS FLOYD MAYWEATHER? Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) dreams an ULTIMATE FACE-OFF between SAINA NEHWAL and P V SINDHU after the corona lockdown to resume the sporting activities in India. It will be the most wanted face-off in India after India vs Pakistan cricket match. Just two players.. but unlimited thrill!!

This dream starts from the SMRI HOMEWORK, the original works of SMRI students and adopted by the SMRI Special Task Group for Post-Corona Sports World as an idea to revive the sports world after Corona. After Corona, it may take months to get back our sports industry in its old shape. People will fear to attend matches physically. Even the crowd of players and officials may spread the fear of spreading coronavirus. That will be a nightmare for our sports promoters. This idea suggests a two-match face-off between two top badminton players. Just required a limited crew to organize and broadcast the show. The advantages are

  1. Like in boxing, face-off matches can be introduced in other sports such as badminton and tennis
  2. Freedom from the conventional badminton and tennis tournaments
  3. Better and profitable than present badminton and tennis league models
  4. If it happens it will revolutionize Indian sports, face-offs will become common in many sports

(This content is part of the academic work of SMRI students & research work of SMRI experts. SMRI is discussing the possibilities of such a face-off with respective individuals and organizations) 

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