52nd Sports Management Day

52nd Sports Management Day

In 1957, Walter O’ Malley, Owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, wrote:

“I ask the question, where would one go to find a person who by virtue of education has been trained to administer a marina, race track, ski resort, auditorium, stadium, Theatre, convention or exhibit hall, a public camp complex, or a person to fill an executive position at a team or a league level in junior athletics such as little league baseball, football, scouting, CYO and youth activities, etc.”

O’Malley realized that running a sports organization takes significant talent and personnel. Although his staff was not large by today’s standards, O’Malley felt that the best way to develop and prepare individuals to work in the business side of sports was to teach them. He had discussed this with his friend, Dr. Clifford Brownell, a professor at Columbia University in 1957.

Brownell later recounted them to a young James Mason, a doctoral student whom Brownell was advising at Columbia. After receiving his doctorate, Dr. Mason took O’Malley’s revolutionary idea and brought it to life, founding the world’s first sports management program at Ohio University in 1966.

Since 2015, Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) is celebrating October 9 (the birthday of Walter O’Malley) as International Sports Management Day to commemorate his legendary contributions to the development of Sports Management discipline.

Due to the recent Kerala floods, SMRI is dedicating this year’s Sports Management Day to start an innovative study “ROLE OF SPORTS IN REBUILDING KERALA”. The study will explore the role of sports industry as employment and revenue generator in Kerala economy.


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