The Story of SMRI (Sports and Management Research Institute) begins with 10 questions, which never allowed Synergians (the founders of SMRI) to sleep. These questions become their dreams and these dreams set their way.

10 Questions

Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) is the premier sports management and sports engineering research and training institute in India. SMRI was started with the objective of making India Sports Superpower. SMRI is managed by Synergians Society, a team of management professionals working to make India number one. The idea of SMRI is originated in the heart of Sijin B T, a crazy sports lover, who transformed many people and businesses with his amazing training and writing skills. SMRI believes in the power of sports to transform individuals, families and communities.


Organizational Vision
      Being the best Sports Institute in the world.
Social Vision
      Making India Sports Superpower


To achieve its vision SMRI will

  • Revolutionize Indian sports ecosystem system by creating world-class sports professionals in various disciplines such as sports management and sports engineering
  • Designing & developing innovative sports properties for making India sports superpower 
  • Create an innovative and challenging learning environment that is focused on enabling students to think and work beyond their perceived limits
  • Contribute to the sustainable environmental, social and economic development of India through sports education, research and extension activities
  • Provide world-class sports education at an affordable fee to commoners

SMRI is unique in many ways

  • Expertise in management, sports business, sports engineering, training and instructional design
  • ‘DO WHAT WE TEACH’ & ‘TEACH WHAT WE DO’ an experiential approach to learning based on real live assignments
  • Student First, a student-focused culture and provision of strong pastoral support
  • Market responsiveness and business approach make all programmes up to date and relevant
  • An integrated and applied approach to programme structure and orientation
  • Innovative and research-led learning environment
  • Readily employable students and close alignment with its sectors


Everyone at Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) is committed to following the below-described values to uphold the goodwill of SMRI and their own trustworthiness

  1. Altruism– We consider the national interest and the best interest others such as clients/customers, colleagues, employers, employees and society rather than self-interest.
  2. Accountability– We are accountable to everyone and everything related to our career, business and life
  3. Excellence– Conscious effort to excel in career by adopting new knowledge
  4. Scholarship– We exhibit the highest standards of scholarship in all academic endeavours and make a conscious effort to excel by adopting new knowledge
  5. Honour & Integrity– We behave in a manner which upholds our honour and integrity among society. 
  6. Lifelong learning– We are personally committed to lifelong learning to foster quality by enhancing a culture of excellence and to maintain innovative, rigorous, responsive and forward-looking curriculum always.
  7. Independent and Creative Thought– We encourage and develop critical and independent thought in research and learning environment to foster innovation.
  8. Students First– Students First for us always and we are committed to giving the best learning experiences, best knowledge and best skills to make them best among their contemporaries.
  9. Commitment to India- We are committed to Make India Number One
  10. One Paisa Commitment- We value every paisa you invest in learning. We are committed to helping you to get back the best returns from your investment


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