Once upon a time our homes and hearts were ruled by various wonderful games. We neglected these games when our joint families became nuclear families and when we lost our childhood virtues. These games taught us mathematics and management skills. They strengthened our brain and brawn. They taught us to accept failure, to appreciate winners and to face the various situations of life.

What will you do if you get a chance to go back to your childhood?

Childhood Olympics is a tournament of around 30 childhood games such as Kothankallu (knucklebones), Irkkilkali (Mikado). The tournament will have two segments- Seniors and Juniors. Seniors can just walk in, play, enjoy and win their favourite childhood games. Juniors can walk-in with their parents and learn, play, enjoy and master the favourite games of their parents or grandparents. World’s first CHILDHOOD OLYMPICS is going to held in India in 2018.


  • Preserve and promote the childhood games as a gender-free leisure activity for women
  • Help the seniors to get back their childhood by playing their favourite childhood games
  • Link individuals with families and friends, families with society and societies with stronger sociological system for stronger social system
  • Create awareness on child rights across the world

Click here to download CHILDHOOD OLYMPICS 2018 presentation


Alan Jose (PGDSM), Arun Mulloth (PGDSM), Rashid (ADFM), Rajesh Nair (Kite Foundation), Abhilash Gopal

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