Many parents want to see their kids as the next Sachin or Kohli.  Most of these parents face difficulty to give better coaching during the formative years of their kids due to lack of proper resources such as good coaching and coaching equipments at affordable price. In popular Malayalam movie ‘1983’ Rameshan, the protagonist wants to make his son next Sachin.  Since, he cannot afford the price of bowling machine, he makes one bowling machine himself for his son.

Inspired from the movie, we are developing an innovative bowling machine that is portable, cost effective and moreover can be used anywhere. It will help the parents to help their kids to develop their cricketing skills during their formative years.


Different models of cricket bowling machines are presently available in the market.  They are expensive, big and using electrical energy for operation.  Even most of the cricket academies and schools are not capable to own these bowling machines. Solution for this issue is low cost, portable and no-electricity required bowling machine.


We have developed innovative Table top bowling machine using the working principles of catapult.  Catapult is basically using stored energy to hurl a projectile, without the use of any explosive.  The three primary energy storage mechanisms are tension, torsion and gravity.  The catapult has proven to be a very effective weapon during ancient times. Here we are using this mechanism for our Table top bowling machine.


The working principle of Table top bowling machine is to convert spring (rubber strap) damping force into kinetic energy.  Due to the load created on the spring (rubber strap), after releasing the lever it backs to original face. The force created by the spring (rubber strap), tends to move the lever with much force. So the ball moves faster.  Here we have some additional features like speed chart, different balls and two angle of release. It illustrates that how the catapult mechanism suitable for this bowling machine. Here we consider some parameters like speed, variation, distance and different kinds of ball.


In table top bowling machine we can use different kinds of balls for different speeds.  We can also create the spin bowling effect by using special Sping ball.


  • Easy to use.
  • No Electrical Power required.
  • Low cost.
  • Easy to understand the mechanism.
  • We can also use it for Baseball and Tennis.
  • Easy to carry anywhere.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Easy to attach with any table.


Aravind Shankar (CSE), Arvind Raj (CSE), Renjith Unnikrishnan, Rahul Krishna

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