MOTHERS UNITED is a new sports club from the SMRI classrooms. MOTHERS UNITED is a club formed & managed by MOTHERS’ MOVEMENT FOR SPORTS (MOMS), a team of sports-loving mothers under the leadership of Dr Indulekha R, famous sports management researcher and the winner of the Best Sports Book Award established by Kerala State Sports […]

Sijin B T- State Sports Council Award Winner

Sijin B T, Sports Management Guru & the founder of SMRI and Dr Indulekha R, his wife and noted sports researcher won prestigious Kerala State Sports Council Award for the best sports book. Oru Football Bhranthante Diary (Diary of a Football Maniac) written in Malayalam won the award. Sijin B T is also penned many […]

Mothers Movement for Sports (MOMS)

“Sport has the power to change lives. By teaching women and girls teamwork, self-reliance, resilience and confidence, sport is one of the great drivers of gender equality. Women in sport defy gender stereotypes and social norms, make inspiring role models, and show men and women as equals.”- Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) is a […]


Putting solid club structure and processes in place is the key to quality management in sports club. Sports Management is a combination of skills related to planning, organizing, directing, controlling, budgeting, leading and evaluating within the context of a sports organization. Management of a club should be done to obtain quality through the participation of […]


PHYSICAL ESPORTS: THE REVIVAL OF SPORTS DURING COVID19 As the world is at halt due to the coronavirus shutdown, Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) was exploring new sporting avenues. The COVID-19 pandemic forced the sporting world to stop. With countries across the world imposing lockdown to fight against the deadly virus it has been […]

Story of DESI

DESI 2016- SPORTS ENGINEERING DESIGN CONTEST was inspired from the Malayalam movie 1983. Rameshan, the protagonist of this movie is a great cricket fan and he makes a low-cost indigenous BOWLING MACHINE for his son Kannan, who dreams to be the next SACHIN TENDULKAR. Rameshan was not rich enough to buy a modern foreign bowling […]