Survival Skill Literacy Project

The Thailand Cave Rescue operation and the Kerala Flood rescue operations of 2018 are considered the two most important reclamation operations the world witnessed in the last decade. And now when the world faces COVID-19, the most dangerous pandemic humanity ever experienced, the need and importance of survival skills and rescue management skills are gaining […]


Nature is the world’s best playground. The journey of humankind started by playing with nature, gently and without hurting it. Our ancestors played in nature’s lap, whether it was cricket, football, golf or any other game. But, when we got civilized and technologically advanced, we started building big playgrounds and stadiums. Because it became the need […]

David Dixon: The Man who changed Tennis forever

If there’s one man to whom today’s tennis players should be indebted for their huge earnings by playing tennis, it would be none other than David Frank Dixon. A businessman from New Orleans, he changed tennis forever. He not only gave colour and sound to the game, but also created World Championship Tennis (WCT), a […]

How Women led the Bicycle Revolution?

On June 3, when we celebrate World Bicycle Day, we must thank the women’s fraternity for making ‘Cycling’ a global hit. When the motorcycles started ruling the Indian roads after the LPG policy (liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation) was introduced, everyone thought it would sound a death knell for bicycles. Besides, attractive and hassle-free two-wheeler loans […]


If it wasn’t for Texas Earnest Schramm Jr, an American Football executive, the ‘Dallas Cowboys’ would not have been what it is today.  From a little-known expansion team in Dallas, it has grown in prominence over the years to an influential franchise of the National Football League (NFL) and metamorphosed into ‘America’s team’ through Schramm’s […]

Let’s Support Barca, Real Madrid & Juventus

In 1880, when the dispute began between the Football Association (FA) and Bolton Wanderers, English football club over the introduction of PROFESSIONALISM in football, it was a rebellious idea. But the Football Association (FA) accepted professionalism in English football on 20 July 1885. On 22 March 1888, William McGregor, director of Aston Villa wrote a […]