Our academic season 2018-2019 is finished on 31st, July 2019 with many wonderful happenings. Now, we are ready to celebrate the 100% placement.

In the initial years, we had students who were executives from the sports industry, who aimed career upliftment. Now, the majority of students are undergraduates and graduates, who aspire a career in sports management and sports engineering. Some students consider our course as the bridge course for pursuing sports education from a foreign university. We are happy to say that we fulfill the dreams of our students and their parents, irrespective of their reason for joining Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI). We strongly move forward to achieve our vision, MAKE INDIA A SPORTS SUPERPOWER by creating world-class sports managers and sports engineers in India at a most affordable price.

We thank the students and their parents, who believed in SMRI.

We appreciate our faculty members, external trainers and all associates for helping our students to find HEROES inside. Special thanks to Jibu Gibson & Rehna P Nair for your leadership. Thank you all!!