It is unfortunate that today education instead of reforming the human behaviour, in our humble opinion, appear to have failed to achieve its objective. Instead we find troubled atmosphere in the society at large, which calls for immediate reformation with the efforts of one and all. – Supreme Court of India.

Suffocating education suffocates growth, lazy teaching and rote-based themes cutting off the birth of new ideas, new possibilities — and new universities. It’s essential our pedagogy enters a freer world of what good education is really about. – Editorial, Times Of India

While the Indian higher education system has made considerable progress in terms of capacity creation and enrolment in the last decade, it lags significantly in terms of global relevance and competitiveness. Only a small proportion of Indian graduates are considered employable. This reflects in the fact that placement outcomes drop significantly as we move away from top tier institutions.” – Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and EY.

The above mentioned quotes indicate the pathetic state of Indian education system and the destiny of unfortunate Indian graduates. As a responsible Indian organization, Synergains are working to change Indian education system by creating new knowledge domains and learning system for India and the rest of world. We are the pioneers of Universal Management Education and we designed Kid’s MBA to initiate management education from class one.

Different studies initiated by Synergians and associated organizations pointed out Sports industry as India’s great opportunity for income and employment. Synergians are the world leaders in heritage sports and childhood games. We are also made some notable achievements in other sports events and in all segments of sports.

Moreover we are committed to Make India Number One and offer high quality education to every Indian at most affordable fee to help them to excel in every aspect of life to contribute to the sustainable environmental, social and economic development of India