Freestyle 03

Freestyle Football Challenge is a golden opportunity for all the football lovers to exhibit the world their fascinating football skills


  • Promote basic football skills among Indian youth to develop world class footballers from India
  • Appreciate skilled Indian footballers and give them opportunity to explore top opportunities in football sector
  • Promote 365 day football concept to ensure maximum return from football investment
  • Make our footballers celebrities to arrange more endorsement opportunities



  • SOLO KICK UPS- The player who keeps the ball aloft for long will be the winner of solo challenge
  • TEAM KICK UPS- The team which juggle for long will be the winner of team challenge. A team will be consisted of 3 players
  • FOOTBALL FREESTYLE- is the art of self-expression with a football, while performing various tricks with any part of the body. The player, who performs freestyle in most attractive way will be the winner.
  • The performance will take place inside a 10ft circle
  • Each team/player will get only one chance to deliver their best performance.
  • Can conduct competition in different categories like Super Seniors, Seniors & Juniors, Men & women etc.


  • The winners will be decided by a group of expert judges and their decision will be final
  • The winners will get attractive cash prize and other gifts.
  • Winners may get opportunity to act in advertisement film
  • Winners will get opportunity to break various Keepie Uppie world records like the world record of Longest Keepie Uppie by Dan Magness of England, a 25-year-old professional freestyler, who kept a regulation football aloft for 26 hours using just his feet, legs, shoulders and head.
  • Players who registered in advance can participate as per the time-slot allotted to them
  • The visitors of the venue/mall can try their juggling and penalty kick skills during the breaks.

Date & Timings

2016 April 11 to 15. Time: 11 am onwards

Registration form for Participants

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Please call 8891675259 for any support