FOOTBALL LOVERS UNITED is a group of Indian football fanatics who dare to dream India plays FIFA World Cup and an Indian football club defeats giant clubs like Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Manchester United at their home grounds. You can label our dreams as ‘impossible good dreams’ or ‘madness’. But, some logic and history inspire our mad dreams.

1) Most of the world’s most valuable clubs are owned by its fans. Eg: REAL MADRID (Spain), FC BARCELONA (Spain), BAYERN MUNICH (Germany), ATHLETIC BILBAO (Spain), BORUSSIA DORTMUND (Germany) and BOCA JUNIORS (Argentina).
2) Debt driven giants such as Chelsa (£958 m), Manchester United (£342 m) and Arsenal (£241m) are moving forward with strong fans support.
3) Most of the football clubs in Spain and Argentina are owned by the fans. It is mandatory in Germany that minimum 51% of the shares of a football club must be with fans.
4) Most of the football clubs in the world are founded by common people. Some of these clubs were bought by the rich later.
5) More than 20 cooperative football clubs are working in UK under the guidance of Supporter Direct, which is founded by Brian Lomax to save the then sinking Northampton FC in 1992.
6) Sinking football clubs like Bristol City, Aldershot, Hull, Chariton and Portsmouth are survived with the support of its fans.
7) Supporters’ clubs are emerging in England to challenge big clubs. FC United of Manchester to challenge Manchester United and Manchester City. City of Liverpool FC is started to challenge Liverpool FC and Everton.

If the football fans across the world can do it, why can’t loyal Indian football fans can’t own a football club of ours? India has great organizations in cooperative sector like Amul, Rubco, Dinesh Bidi and Indian Coffee House. We own the knowledge and expertise to professionally manage a football club like foreigners. If we get your concrete support in our endeavour our dream ‘an Indian football club which defeats Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Manchester United at their home ground’ will not be a mad dream, but will be a small goal which can be achieved in short span of time.

Suggested name of cooperative society: Kerala Football Development Cooperative Ltd
Suggested name of the club: Football Lovers United (FL United)

Experts in Sports Management and Cooperation are presently doing the basic works to start a cooperative football club at the sports business incubator of Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI). SMRI is the first sports management institute in Kerala, first sports engineering institute in India and first sports architecture institute in world. If we succeed, Football Lovers United will become the first cooperative football club in Asia. We invite you be the part of the promoter team of FL United.

For more details, please download & read : flunited-invitation


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