Team Member Day 2019

Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) propagates Team Member Day to promote sportsman spirit among team members in every kind of organizations across the globe for better team performance and results.


May 12, 2019


May 12, 2019


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Team Member Day is an opportunity to initiate new leadership gesture. It is a ceremony to appreciate the efforts of team members, honour their commitment and show gratitude for their support in making you a great leader. Everyone wants to be acknowledged and recognized for the work they did. A thank you note or a simple good job from the Boss will help the team member to feel that their efforts are acknowledged and recognized.

Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) propagates Team Member Day to promote sportsman spirit among team members in every kind of organizations across the globe for better team performance and results.

As Mary Kay Ash rightly quoted, “There are two things people want more than sex and money-recognition and praise”, team members need encouragement every day to boost up their performance. When boss takes genuine interest in the development of his/her team member and gives necessary guidance and opportunities, he/she is creating a loyal hardworking team.

Please read the details of TEAM MEMBER DAY by downloading the powerpoint presentation

May 12- World Team Member Day

Mary Kay Ash was an American businesswoman and the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc. born on May 12, 1918. In tribute of her greatest contributions to team performance, we started celebrating her birthday (May 12) as World Team Member Day since 2011


2018 is the 100th Birth Anniversary of Mary Kay Ash and the theme of this year is SMALL ACTS. BIG IMPACTS

It is an opportunity to train our team members the value of teamwork and winning together. This year, we suggest very low cost celebrations, but its impact will be high due to different factors such as uniqueness and nostalgia.

Let’s celebrate TEAM MEMBER DAY 2019!!

What Leaders do on this day

  • A Thank You note/card Sample wording- I know how hard you work, and this is just a little something to say thank you. I really appreciate all your hard work and effort.
  • Sweets, Candies, Chocolates, treat…… Diary, pen…………….. You can give whatever you like.
  • But never forget to say ‘Thank You’
  • If you do something else from your heart, please share your idea with us. Our email id:

What to do in 2019- GAMES


  • No CRICKET or ADVENTURE GAMSE this time. Many are dormant participants during such activities. We can do something different
  • Conduct tournament of good old childhood games DOTS & BOXES and PICK UP STICKES at your office in the second week of May 2019 (Between May 6 & May 13)
  • Everyone including the boss to housekeeping has to be participated in the tournament. Everyone knows these games and every one can play it without any kind of discriminations.
  • You can decide the format of the tournament
  • You can download Dots & Boxes format by clicking here >>Team Member Day Game Set
  • For playing pick-up sticks, use coconut leaves or chop sticks
  • Dots & Boxes and Pickup Sticks are included in Childhood Olympics!!!


  • No big parties.. Let’s go for the taste we enjoyed during our childhood
  • Eg: Raw Mango with salt, chilly and pepper / Salted Gooseberry or any other local food stuff, you enjoyed and like to enjoy again and again


  • Please upload your TEAM MEMBER DAY celebrations photos in social media with hashtag #teamday
  • Whazapp the pictures of your celebrations to +91 8891675259
  • Email the pictures of your celebrations to:





+91 8891675259


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