USA, UK, Australia, South Africa, Beijing, Moscow or Brasilia.. wherever you live, learning world class sports management programme at affordable fee is now easy.

SPORTS & MANAGEMENT RESEARCH INSTITUTE (SMRI) offers world-class Sports Management programme at the most affordable fee. Our distance learning programme with ZERO DISTANCE help you to learn sports management from India by sitting in your home country, with most of the benefits of a regular student gets. SMRI perfectly blends the knowledge acquisition traditions of the Eastern world and the research acumen of the Western world. We offer the most advanced SPORTS MANAGEMENT programme, which covers the profit-driven sports model of the USA, people-driven sports model of Europe and the politics-driven sports model of developing countries in detail.

Unique features of our distance learning programme

  • Most Advanced & Dynamic Syllabus– It changes regularly. You learn what is new and fresh. When the SPORTS MANAGEMENT courses globally created based on developed sports ecosystem, our courses are developed by considering the demands of developing and under-developed sports ecosystems across the globe.
  • Dynamic Classes & 2 Admission cycles– You will get regular study inputs and assignments of different types. Most interesting advantage is you can join at any time for our distance courses, but you will be included in any of the two admission cycles. January & July
  • Lowest Fee, but Global Quality– The founders of SMRI, started this programme with the objective of making world-class sports management education affordable and available to all. So we keep our fees always possible low. But there is no compromise on quality.
  • Course-wise Learning Managers– There will be a Learning Manager, who takes care of your learning always. They are your guide, advisor and supporter.
  • 365 Days Faculty Support– You can contact your teachers 365 days. Just ensure that there is no conflict of time zones!!
  • Expert Career Mentors– You decide your career goal. We will assign you career mentors, who can guide you in achieving and performing in your dream career.

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