Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) would like to invite you for the National Sports Engineering Product Design Contest- DESI 2020 to engage and inspire sports-loving students and public with engineering acumen to dream, design and develop advanced and cost-effective protective gears to make sports safer.

DESI is inspired by the story of Malayalam sports movie ‘1983’. The hero of 1983, Rameshan, makes a low-cost Desi Bowling Machine to achieve the dream of his son to become the next Sachin Tendulkar. The huge cost/unavailability of suitable low-cost sporting machines makes the barrier for their dreams. This situation makes it difficult for Indian athletes to stretch their maximum to unleash their full potential and maximum performance. DESI 2016, the first edition of contest showcased innovative ideas such as Integrated Sports Museum, Catapult based bowling Machine and jellikket protective gears

Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) believes that advanced and cost-effective protective gears are a must to make sports safer. We invite you to participate in the contest with your innovative protective gear design or prototype or final product.  

Please download and read the DESI 2020 Brochure for more details regarding the categories of contest, rules and prizes. 



Last date for submission of Abstract – JANUARY 15, 2020

Last date for the submission of Prototype- JANUARY 31, 2020

Date of the presentation – FEBRUARY 23, 2020

Please contact us @ 7902633145 for any support.