Certified Sports Facility Manager

CERTIFIED SPORTS FACILITY MANAGER (CSFM) will give training to sports enthusiastic youngsters to become successful Sports Facility Managers. Today, most of the sports facility managers are coming from different educational backgrounds and ignorance of sports business and ignorance of the specific requirements of different sports events make their job difficult and frustrating. Many sports facilities fail to touch breakeven, because of untrained facility managers. Many sports facility managers give up their jobs or struggle to climb the career ladder due to the absence of the right skills and knowledge. CERTIFIED SPORTS FACILITY MANAGER (CSFM) will provide the upskilling opportunity for existing sports facility managers.

P G Diploma in Sports Psychology

PG Diploma in Sports Psychology (PGDSP) is introducing you to the field of sport psychology by providing a broad overview of the major topics in the area. This course covers all the psychological skills and techniques that are used to support athletes to deliver their peak performance. This course will train you to successfully work with athletes, coaches and referees, from amateur to the elite-level.

Advanced Diploma in Cricket Management

Cricket now more than just a sport, it is big business. Hurry up for the big business!!

Advanced Diploma in Sports Business

ADSB is an exclusive sports management program meant for sports enthusiasts. The learners will be able to find a job in sports related fields such as event management companies, clubs, stadiums and private sports management companies.

Advanced Diploma in Football Management

Advanced Diploma in Football Management (ADFM) is a world-class intensive sports management training programme specialized in football. It prepares a football enthusiast for many amazing jobs related to football game and football business. This programmes is designed to create football management professionals to lead the football revolution in India.

Executive Diploma in Sports Management

Learn and experience the art of training from the professional trainers. You won't get such a hand-holding from anywhere. Join now