sports industry

Sports industry in India is growing in a very promising speed. It creates big opportunities for those who want to leap into exciting sports business. It is one of the largest industries in the world.

The sport businessindustry consists of several different segments including sports tourism, sporting goods (manufacturing and retail), sports apparel, amateur participant sports, professional sports, recreation, high school and college athletics, outdoor sports, sports businesses such as sport marketing firms, the sport sponsorship industry, and sport-governing bodies. Jobs and careers in the industry are seemingly endless and are as varied as the segments and businesses. It is an industry in which a person can often find success by linking an interest in sports with an interest in something else. For example, a person interested in shoe engineering and sports can design sports shoes as a career. A person who writes computer programs and likes sports can design programs for exercise equipment, for use in athletic training, or for gauging the air drag on race cars, speed-skating suits, or bobsleds.
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