B.Tech/BE Rescue Engineering

B.Tech/BE Rescue Engineering

Now the world is witnessing COVID-19 the most dangerous pandemic the humanity ever experienced. Nations are fighting the virus rigorously using all resources they have to rescue mankind from this harmful virus. In 2018, the world witnessed two important rescue operations in its history. The Thailand Cave Rescue operation and the Kerala Flood rescue operations. In 2019, we witnessed massive rescue operations during the landslide in Malappuram and Wayanad. Recently we witnessed a failed rescue operation in Tamil Nadu to save a 2 years old boy who trapped in an abandoned bore well. All these incidents were challenging and questioning our present rescue operation mechanisms.

Various study reports predict challenging natural calamities globally in the nearest future. These calamities will have more causalities than before, if we don’t enhance the standards of our rescue operation mechanisms and equip ourselves with new tools to face any disaster.

Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) is introducing B.Tech/BE RESCUE ENGINEERING programmes in India from June 2020 with the vision of enhancing the human ability to undertake effective rescue operations. The 4-year B.Tech/BE RESCUE ENGINEERING programme, the first of this kind in Asia aims to generate adequate rescue engineers for meeting the growing local and global demand. BTech/BE RESCUE ENGINEERING will focus on the designing and development of improved survival and rescue tools, machinery, vehicles and technologies to limit causalities during emergencies and to make rescue operations easy, effective and less expensive.

Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) and Institute of Survival Skills & Rescue Management (ISRM), the institute initiated by SMRI to impart survival skills to every Indian will work together with Universities and Engineering Colleges in Asian continent to offer B.Tech/BE RESCUE ENGINEERING courses.

Interested Governments, Universities or Engineering colleges can contact us for collaboration. Please send mail to dean@smri.in for details or call +91 8891994467.



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