Why PGDSM is better than MBA?

Why PGDSM is better than MBA?

According to Southern Regional conclave of business school directors and deans, “India produces about three lakh management graduates every year, but hardly 35,000 of them are employable“. This is really a shocking revelation. What happens to the remaining every year. Under employed, unemployed or going for some other courses. What about the lakhs of rupees their parents spent? Most of them might have took education loans for their MBA and they will fall in financial trap.

Most of the people select MBA without considering the jobs it offers. Actually now, MBA is just like a traditional degree. Once it was a great programme and we must thank Peter F Drucker for giving life to MBA. But, unfortunately, now MBA lost its charm due to lack of focus, obsolete syllabus and outdated teaching methods. We cannot expect an initiative from our governments and universities to revamp MBA.

We don’t like to blame, but like to offer some better options for students who like to take a management course. The option is PG Diploma in Sports Management. If someone likes sports, Sports industry will offer a promising career, because Sports is the next big industry in India. You may or may not be an athlete, but you can grab a sporty career in Sports Management. No other career offers you FUN-FITNESS- FAME- FRIENDS-FORTUNE together.

Now sports companies are getting candidates who accidentally apply for a job in sport company. Then they spent millions for giving them training on the basics of sports. What if can create a pool of management professionals specialized in sports? Companies can save millions of cash and good amount of time. That is the idea behind PGDSM.

You can see the answer for the question ‘Why PGDSM is better than MBA?’


Now, Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) offers world class Sports Management and Sports Engineering courses in India at most affordable fee. These courses will lead you to the boardrooms of great sport companies like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Nivia, IMG or will help you to be the next Phil Knight or Bill Bowerman (Founders of Nike).

So, when you are Thinking about MBA, Think about PGDSM. It will add value to your degree and ensure a sporty career.

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