50 Years of Sports Management

In 1957, Walter O’ Malley, Owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Wrote:

“I ask the question, where would one go to find a person who by virtue of education has been trained to administer a marina, race track, ski resort, auditorium, stadium, Theatre, convention or exhibit hall, a public camp complex, or a person to fill an executive position at a team or a league level in junior athletics such as little league baseball, football, scouting, CYO and youth activities, etc.”

Walter Francis O’Malley was an American sports executive who owned the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers team in Major League Baseball from 1950 to 1979. O’Malley realized that running a sports organization takes significant talent and personnel. Although his staff was not large by today’s standards, O’Malley felt that the best way to develop and prepare individuals to work in the business side of sports was to teach them. He had discussed this with his friend, Dr. Clifford Brownell, a professor at Columbia University in 1957. Brownell later recounted them to a young James Mason, a doctoral student whom Brownell was advising at Columbia. After receiving his doctorate, Dr. Mason took O’Malley’s revolutionary idea and brought it to life, founding the world’s first sports management program at Ohio University in 1966.

Sports Management professionals changed the course of sports. They made athletes rich and celebrities. Ultimately, sports became a great industry which gives great revenue, employment and other social benefits.

(August 9 the death anniversary and October 9 the birth anniversary of Walter Francis O’Malley. October 9 is the International Sports Management Day)

2016 is the 50th anniversary of world’s first sports management programme, which revolutionized the sports industry. But in India, Sports Management is still in its childhood. Sports and Management Research Institute (SMRI), the premier sports management and sports engineering research and training institute in India considers this occasion as a great opportunity to change the fate of sports in India by bringing professionalism.


As part of 50 years of Sports Management Celebration, SMRI is conducting various programmes including the following.

Programme Date Venue

Indian Sports T20- “Indian Sports in 2020- International Conference on Sports Management & Sports Engineering” (Click  here for details)

August 6, 2016 Saturday Kerala Management Association House, Panampilly Nagar, Ernakulam

HER GAMES 2017- Curtain Raiser (Click here for details)

August 14, 2016 Sunday Ernakulam (Venue not finalized)


August 29, 2016 Monday Ernakulam

CHILDHOOD OLYMPICS 2017- Curtain Raiser (Click here for details)

October 2, 2016 Ernakulam


October 9, 2016 Ernakulam

 More events will be announced soon!!